Invictus Fightwear brand was established in 2019 with the goal of addressing the need for high quality BJJ, Jujitsu, Karate, Grappling and self-defence products that are durable and nicely designed.

The brand was founded by Christian Hvidberg, a martial arts professional with more than 45 years of experience. During all these years Christian has been supporting the growth of the combat sport and self-defence at a wide-ranging audience of martial art communities in Denmark and around the world. It has been Christian’s goal to motivate his students and other instructors to train harder, smarter and push themselves to their limits. He has been inspired by watching each individual evolving into their MA journeys and transforming into a better version of themselves, both physically and mentally. The desire to create a brand that expresses this transformation was the starting point of where the Invictus Fightwear came into the equation.

The Invictus brand is meant to represent the spirit of a fighter and the experience of a master. Since the day the idea was born, Christian worked tirelessly to develop innovative products paying attention to many tiny details to make the Invictus brand unique.

“Invictus” is latin for “invincible”. The feeling of being an unbeatable spirit is the essence of the Invictus Fightwear brand. This is why a neck patch on the inner side of your Invictus Gi will serve you as a daily reminder that the sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears has a purpose and is a price to reach your goals in sport and life.


As a fighter you will appreciate the high quality of our gear and equipment. Our Gi’s are soft, light, comfortable and suitable for various martial art trainings. When you look great – you feel great!  


“It is my goal to supply fighters that train martial arts with a high quality of equipment that makes you feel ready for the challenge. It is my hope to pass on that feeling of inspiration and persistence to your training that will motivate you to challenge your potential”

The Invictus Fightwear team members are all dedicated MA enthusiasts who are committed to expanding martial arts and self-defence sport worldwide. We like to challenge our Invictus potentials. And we encourage you to challenge yours!